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Q. How does RMS fit into the bigger picture of its parent company ?
A. RMS focuses its vast resources on being the first complete workforce-based managed services provider, with the scope and perspective to maximize this vital process and address the interests of all stakeholders equally.

RMS is a stand-alone business for Randstad, acting as a vendor neutral, single-point-of-contact provider, backed by an extraordinary track record, an integrated business approach and state-of-the-art technology.

The biggest difference of all, is that RMS approaches this as a staffing-focused process, not merely a software-based procurement system. Collectively, RMS and its international affiliates manage nearly $1 billion in spend on behalf of more than 250 clients. RMS maintains a network of nearly a thousand suppliers.
Q. How long has RMS been in existence and what was the driving force behind its creation ?
A. Founded in November of 2000, RMS was conceived to fulfill the needs of clients who increasingly rely on experts to provide strategic solutions for the procurement, management, and reporting of their contingent workforce. RMS is a separately managed and operated business line with the ability to partner with delivery lines when an organization is looking for a turnkey solution.
Q. If I sign an agreement with RMS what type of service can I expect ?
A. At RMS, our goal is to provide our customers with the most seamless and efficient quality service we possibly can. In today's marketplace, we know that providing this kind of service requires a strong collaborative relationship with all of our service partners.

We're very careful about selecting our Alliance Suppliers, and, once selected, we treat our suppliers like customers. We will take the time to work closely with you on every client account, respond quickly to your inquiries, and work closely with you to evaluate additional mutual client opportunities.

Q. Will RMS partner with me to support any of their other customers ?
A. Absolutely. We like to leverage our Alliance Supplier relationships in every way possible. We evaluate all opportunities to work with existing suppliers to "cross-service" our client accounts. In this way, we're able to enhance our supplier relationships and provide better coverage, as well as service quality and consistency to our clients.
Q. What makes RMS more attractive to me as a potential alliance supplier ?
A. As an independent business unit, we don't recruit candidates, we recruit key Alliance Supplier partners. RMS is uniquely positioned in the market to champion your efforts to make placements and enhance your relationship with the client whenever possible.

Although a separate operating unit, RMS is a division of one of the world's largest staffing companies, which affords us the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 clients in a variety of countries, through a variety of service offerings. We extend these opportunities to our suppliers as well.

Our Alliance Supply Base Manager ensures that supplier relationships are going well and facilitates the implementation of new and additional client programs for each supplier.

Q. If RMS is satisfied with my contributions, what sort of recognition programs do they have that will allow me to showcase my success to future partners ?
A. Since our success is contingent upon the success of our partners, we carefully measure supplier performance in a variety of areas such as number of placements made, quality of submittals, turnover, response time, etc., as well as any additional performance factors specified by the client.

Once we have established a solid working relationship with a supplier, we work continuously with you to determine the next client opportunities. In addition, we encourage your direct relationship with clients and client managers to the extent that the client contract allows.


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