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benefits of managed services


Managed Services is a service where you procure your contingent labor, in doing so all your hiring requests go via a vendor management system which will distribute the hiring request to the appropriate staffing vendors. The reasons you would chose for managed services is that you expect the following benefits.

Full transparency of your contingent labor spend and trends Once implemented Managed Services must provides you with up to date reporting on spend, process compliance and quality of the staffing vendors you engage to deliver your contingent workforce. This is critical to help you define and manage your future requirements.
Localized knowledge of applicable law & legislations when implementing managed services Consolidated invoicing, subcontracting of staffing vendors, data protection; These are but a few of the critical legal requirements to get right. They are often overlooked and it is assumed that what works in one country will be legally compatible with another country.
Regular business reviews for contingent labor Hiring Managers and Staffing Vendors are key to Managed Services; At least once per quarter you will benefit from a detailed review to report on the performance, trends and other related KPI’s of the Managed Service Program.
Process compliance and efficiency It is quite common that your local subsidiaries will have a different processes to request, approve, onboard and pay staffing vendors, making measuring performance and benchmarking service very complex. You will benefit from a standardized processes from the requisition to invoicing and payment. Each step in the contingent labor process is tracked and constantly refined.
Neutral Vendor Management System (VMS) You should benefit from neutral Vendor Management System. This ensures the provider constantly invests in the further development and research of their technology, whilst your managed service provider stays focused on continually developing their model to ensure they deliver you the best in managed services.

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