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Solutions for Your Flexible Workforce

In today's marketplace, 90% of U.S. companies rely on staffing firms to augment their workforce. Industry trends indicate that this number will continue to grow.

In anticipation of this growth, more companies are relying upon experts to provide strategic solutions for the procurement, management and reporting of their contingent workforce.

RMS specializes in working with companies that seek consulting and/or managed services for their contingent workforce. Our mission is to alleviate your valuable corporate resources to allow you to focus on your core business. With our vast international experience in the industry, our expertise will save you time, money and effort by streamlining and standardizing your procurement, management and reporting processes. RMS will analyze, re-engineer and manage the entire process so you can focus on your core business. From workforce scoping through management reporting, RMS will customize a program that works right for you.

People, Process, and Technology - Our unique approach combines the right people, a proven process, and effective technology to deliver unparalleled, customized service to our clients.
RMS will help you:

  • Increase efficiencies and control
  • Improve risk management
  • Identify cost savings
  • Achieve full accountability through management reporting

RMS partners with companies to identify and develop strategies to optimize internal efficiencies including human resources, accounts payable, security, payroll and labor reporting. Our consulting team utilizes an analytical approach to develop a customized program to meet your unique needs.

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