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why hire Randstad?


Our goal is to deliver control, transparency, and savings as quickly and smoothly as possible. With strategic, on-the-ground operations in North America, EMEA and APAC, Randstad Managed Services leverages its expansive supplier network to maximize efficiencies across client organizations without sacrificing the corporate or cultural values that have attributed to your business success.

Our implementation consists of five steps and generally takes between 8 to 12 weeks to implement. During each implementation, we will focus on Project Management and Change Management and will go through the following steps:

Step 1 Initiation & Planning: We introduce your team to our team, validate your goals and priorities, establish the project management office, kick-off the project, prioritize, plan and communicate
Step 2 Analysis & Design: We will analyze your vendors, workflows and job descriptions, validate your goals and priorities and you will provide operational information such as business units, user information through to task and expense codes.
Step 3 VMS configuration: We configure the VMS according to the analysis and design.
Step 4 Solution Validation: Our team and your team will both test the VMS until we are satisfied it can be deployed.
Step 5 Deployment: We will invite and onboard, vendors, hiring managers, workers and other stakeholders who will be part of the ongoing operations.

We recognize in deploying such an initiative that you also have a complex change management project to successfully deliver. Randstad Managed Services pays particular attention to the change management that will happen. It is not merely a software-based procurement system or business process-reengineering project. We provide the human connection that will lead, support and openly share our best practices. The biggest difference of all is that Randstad Managed Services approaches this as a staffing-focused process that manages on three dimensions:

  1. Your organizational goals and priorities of both services procurement and human resources
  2. Your staffing vendors
  3. Your hiring managers

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Why hire Randstad?

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